The annual Global Young Leaders Summit, our flagship programme, convenes the brightest young talent from every country and sector, working to accelerate social impact. Delegates are counselled by influential political, business and humanitarian leaders such as Sir John Major, Kumi Naidoo, Rosario Dawson, Paul Polman and Akon, amongst many other global figures.

Who attends the Summit?

Global Young Leaders strives to identify the most impactful young leaders from every country in the world. Many Global Young Leaders delegates are top performing professionals, sent to attend the Summit by forward thinking managers who see the need for talent development. Scholarships provide the opportunity for exceptional young people to attend on the merit of their proven leadership and ability to create change in their home country.

How to attend the Summit?

Attend with a partner organisation: We partner with many of the world’s leading businesses, universities and foundations that support Global Young Leaders by sending delegates to the Summit. If your organisation is interested in partnering with Global Young Leaders please contact us:

Attend independently: You can nominate yourself to attend the Summit as an independent delegate. The fees to attend a Global Young Leaders Summit as an independant is $100, Global Young Leaders will send you the official Summit invitation letter and you will take care of your travel and accommodation during the summit.
You can pay this fee yourself or find an organisation or individual to sponsor you. 

Attend on a scholarship: A range of scholarships are available to enable individuals who are not supported by partners to participate in the Summit. the fee to register for Scholarships is $50 .
 Please visit our Scholarships page and see if you are eligible for any current opportunities.

Ambassadors are automatically eligible to attend each Global Young Leaders Summit as a Returning Ambassador. If you are an Ambassador and would like more information on how to attend the 2021 Summit, please get in touch with us at

Independent Registration Scholarship Registration

Please visit Application tips and Scholarship FAQ's or use our online contact form for more information about registration 

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