Growing Sustainably Scholarship 2021: Supported by Asahi

About the Scholarship

At Asahi, we hold sustainability as our responsibility - we value the gifts of nature and manage them effectively by reducing water consumption, minimizing our carbon footprint and reusing waste products. Beyond eliminating our own climate impact as part of our Asahi Carbon Zero campaign, we are also working with farmers to help them adapt and prepare for a changing climate. This includes through Campus Peroni in Italy, a centre of excellence promoting and spreading innovation and sustainability in agriculture, Biocycle in Japan, a plant bio-stimulant which reduces the effects of external stresses on crops, and many other local partnerships with farmers, co-operatives and academia in countries where we operate.This year, we’re proud to have partnered with Global Young Leaders to create the Lead2030 Challenge for SDG13. The Challenge aims to find and support solutions that will contribute to the future of sustainable agriculture by supporting and enabling farmers to reduce their emissions and/or help adaptation and resilience against the climate challenges of this decade and beyond.In addition to our Lead2030 Challenge, we have created the Growing Sustainably Scholarship. This programme will enable 8 young leaders who are driving innovation in sustainable agriculture to participate in the Global Young Leaders Summit 2021 in Munich as part of Asahi’s global delegation.

What does the scholarship include?

Access to the Global Young Leaders Summit 2021 in Munich
Hotel accommodation on a shared basis between 10 and 15 (inclusive) October, 2021
The cost of travel to and from Munich (flights in economy)
Catering which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner from 10 to 15 October, 2021
Ground transportation between Summit venues
Access to bespoke Asahi programming around the businesses participation in the Summit including pre-Summit onboarding calls, an Asahi buddy from the company’s internal delegation and a post-Summit feedback session.

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship is intended to support young leaders who are:
National of all countries aged 18 - 30*
Have demonstrated leadership capacity.
Have proven impact the field of sustainable agriculture. This can include work that:Improves the climate resilience of crops through sustainable practices.
Reduces on-farm green-house gas emissions, water or energy us through new technologies.
Supports farmers in fostering innovation and improving access to information, raising awareness of climate risks and new skills training.
Addresses the sustainability of the wider supply chain beyond the farm.

Assessment Criteria

Global Young Leaders will assess candidates based on their:
Evidenced commitment to delivering positive change
Demonstrated capacity for leadership
Understanding of key local and/or global issues.
Track record of generating impactful and innovative.
Global Young Leaders will actively seek and prioritize applicants with an evidenced commitment to addressing malnutrition in a local or national context. In particular, the scholarship seeks candidates who achieve this throughShaping opinions and advocating for good nutrition.
Developing nutritional brands.
Locally producing products or produce for local communities.
Improving small holder farmers’ value chain. 

Application Timeline

Submit an online application via the link below before May 2021.
A shortlist of candidates will be contacted in June 2021.

.*Most delegates are between the age of 18 and 30. The Global Young Leaders team will consider applications from those who are older than 30, pending demonstration of appropriate personal impact, initiative, and willingness to engage. We are not able to accept applications from those who will be aged under 18 at the time of the Summit.

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